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dismantle, repair.

Sometimes the best creative executions comes from boozed discussions at night with some of your closest friends. Having said that, they also stem from days of extreme boredom, with this shoot as an end result. Holed up in our hotel room, dressed to impress with nowhere to go, after what can only be described as the “Chinese Wedding Experience” with some of the nicest down to earth people I have met. Hoping you all like these images as much as I do, stepping a bit out of the comfort zone, with the “try to look sexy” kind feel with the title of this post, a tribute to one of my favourite bands: Anberlin who I will be seeing live for the last time EVER this year.

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Dress: CUE Clothing // Earrings: Chanel // Ring: YSL 

Photos by Mandy



DSC07109DSC07079DSC07092DSC07098DSC07110Dress: Zara // Heels: Saint Laurent // Watch: Larsson Jennings 

Photos by Mandy.

I’m not one for colour nor and I one for much print either, but I found this dress on one of my first expeditions to Zara when I first arrived in Shanghai. My obsession with marble, I can safely say has stemmed from this dress to which now I want to find a marbled textured fixie, jewellery, phone cases, computer cases and as the main source of my renovation material (I’d love to have an all marbled apartment, floor to ceiling) to the family apartment here in Shanghai.

Busting out some “model” moves, which I wasn’t entirely too comfortable about, but had fun making fun of myself and being extremely surprised with the end product. The best thing about being photographed by a friend, is that there is non of that initial awkwardness in front of the camera. Love how these photos turned around against the contrast of the concrete and against such an amazing backlight.



It’s been impossibly hard to find the time to blog let alone creating any content for the blog. Coming to the end of year, I’ve been bogged down with crazy amounts of work on various projects and my mind has become a container housing cluttered and scattered thoughts.

On this particular day, so much negative, hurt, confusion, frustration and stress was floating in my head to a point of almost feeling numb. Looking back at these, have made me realise I have all my priorities wrong. Change and commitments need to be made to not go back to ‘that’ edge of emotional breakdown and work on the things that make me happy on a long term and not just the artificial short term.

Top: Chirstopher Esber Invisible Block Tee from Green With Envy Boutique // Jacket: Alexander Wang // Jeans: St Lenny // Sunglasses from Sportsgirl // Ring: YSL.