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L.A photo journal.

My second time back in L.A and this time I was blessed to have had experiences of a seasoned traveller. I was armed with more knowledge on how to travel smarter with better research and developed a specific aesthetic to feed my ever evolving design pallet. So needless to say, this time in L.A., I saw everything with a completely fresh new set of eyes brewing new kinds of inspiration and wonder.

It was so hard to choose which photos to post here, some amazing highlights were spent watching skaters at Venice Beach Skate Park and watching the magical sunset over L.A. that reflected some of the magic I saw in La La Land, so spending my 29th birthday at the Ace Hotel in DTLA with Jai, it was a great few days spent in L.A. already having me planning my next trip back.

1. Venice Beach, California.
2. Buying a coffee at a restaurant just so I could sit in a church converted restaurant.
3. The skater who provided us with hours of entertainment with his crazy skate tricks at Venice Beach Skate Park.
4. Our Room at The Ace Hotel, DTLA, California.
5. Waiting in line at Supreme.
6. Stuffing our faces at Grand Central Market.
7. 8. and 9. Views of the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Franke Gehry.
10. Griffiths Observatory.
11. La La Land….
Shot on Lecia and Olympus
I’m having lightroom issues whereby I think I shot at such a high ISO that the detail in the photos couldn’t be downsized to upload onto this post, so I’ll be posting them on Instagram for those who are interested in seeing them, they have a beauty film vibe to them.

united states through instagram.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would of seen all the shots of my states trip that didn’t make it into my photo diaries on the blog. Here’s a taste of the united state through the lens of instagram.

Row 1: Outfit shot whilst travelling to America, the Marants were a saviour as I literally wore them every single day//fairy lights decorating the streets and trees of 5th Avenue//morning stroll and view just outside of our hotel in SOHO.
Row 2: The NYC skyline from the Battery//the exterior of the Guggenheim//our tickets to see the Picasso Black and White exhibition.
Row 3: The roof of the Guggenheim building//the interior walkways of the Guggenheim//Outside on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum.
Row 4: Glass window inside the Met//hallways//interior facades leading to the different wings of the Museum.
Row 5: The Chinese Garden inside the Met//the Great Roof of the Met// The Lincoln Centre, ready to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
Row 6: Another exterior shot of the Lincoln Centre//The Opera’s stunning chandelier//stairwells after seeing the Nutcracker.
Row 7: The Nutracker stage and interior//cakes at Dean and Deluca//Downtown Manhattan in the morning light.
Row 8: Capital Hill in Washington D.C//Monuments//The Hirshhorn Museum.
Row 9 to 14: Artworks and Aiweiwei’s exhibition: According to What?
Row 15: All black outfit to explore Santa Monica//organic porridge with fresh fruit for breakfast with Dad at Le Pain Quotidein//A sneaky Alexander Wang purchase from Barney’s Co-Op.

Rick got back on Wednesday, so that hopefully means that I’ll be getting back into more outfit posts soon! Hoping everyone is having a great weekend!



santa monica photo diary.

If I had to draw comparisons to home, out of anywhere I have been in the world, it would be Los Angeles. We stayed in Santa Monica Beach, right on the water and only a few minutes walk away from Santa Monica Pier. Being away from the seaside for so long (New York and Washington DC), I forgot how calming the ocean can make me feel.
After a major mishap in LA (my parents leaving my passport at the hotel back in DC, which resulted in me NEARLY missing my flight to LA), out of frustration, I decided to have me time in Santa Monica, walking around the beach and taking in the fresh crisp winter sea air. Doing early morning pier walks by the beach and meeting up with a very smart and a very inspiring lady that I met through blogging, were the highlights of my stay in LA.

I’ve never been much of an morning person, and hence sunrises are almost always missed. I revel in sunsets as imagine the experience almost similar to that of sunrises. The sky is almost like a blank canvas, painted with many hues and the skyline spotted with distant lights from buildings, with the sound of the ocean lapping up against structures and the sand. My afternoon made.

All photos by me.