au revior.

The weather today was quite horrendous which made the trip to uni on public transport all that much worse. Productivity today so far has not been great, even though i’m bursting at the seams with inspirational ideas for fashion and architecture, I can’t help but have my head wander. This weather seems to have cast a blanket of gloom over my mood and has somehow made me think so much of an morbid impending goodbye that will inevitably happen in 6 months time.

So here are a few images to reflect what i’m feeling right now.

Day 365 of 365 - Goodbye

forcing a smile & waving goodbye

Soldier's goodbye & Bobbie the cat, ca. 1939-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood

The Thing About Goodbyes... [232/365]

Y2 Day 44/365 24 February 2009: Saying Goodbye

Good-bye Kiss

“…She walked away, well her shoes were untied,
And the eyes were all red,
You could see that we’ve cried, and I watched and I waited,
‘Till she was inside, forcing a smile and waving goodbye”.

I really hope this horrible weather goes away, and soon.

precedent study.

Architect: John Wardle Architects
Building: Melbourne Grammar, Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year Completed: 2008

*photo from John Wardle Architects Website

The brief involved designing a new entry threshold to the grounds of Melbourne Grammar school, consolidate library resources into one area and to provided additional supporting lecture and seminar space for the campus. The concept of the design looks at the idea of how the subject of learning becomes the face of the campus through a transparent library envelope. The emphasis is on providing an active space with access to knowledge in a variety of media, electronic as well as traditional forms. The library elevation is an open glass facade that exposes rows of books as well as thriving companion activities, symbolically representing both a repository of knowledge and a shift to a more open and engaging institution.

The newly designed entry to the campus is located on Domain Road, expressed as a slice through the building which leads into and opens up to the west quadrangle’s historical facade. This element in the design was innovative in the sense that custom bricks were made to achieve and very specific glaze. A new bonding pattern for the bricks were also created in this part of the project so that the stacking pattern of the bricks were to reflect the pattern of the way books were actually stacked in the library. The design here demonstrates the notion of reciprocity, threshold as well as materiality.

The brick facade is a traditional use of materials that tie together the building with the surrounding important landmarks located within close proximity of the site. The entrance also provides a threshold delineating a change from the streetscape to the interior of the campus, but not completely sectioning off and enclosing the space. It provides a path of transition for the buildings users yet with it’s of series of inter-linked pavilions, still allows the continuation of the scale and rhythm of the school’s frontage to Domain Road. John Wardle Architects also devised an efficient method for achieving a fold in a brick façade by using computer modelling to determine the exact angle of the crank and developed a single custom brick to negotiate the change in direction.

*photo from Think Brick Website

John Wardle Architects also use a mixed range of materials. From traditional masonry (brick) to steel columns and textured glass. The design goes to considerable lengths to capture the multitude of landscape and contextual views available and cleverly blends old and new together visually. A glass link for administrative functions brushes close to the intricate roof pediments and quoining of the original quadrangle building; the quadrangle building is framed by the main entry of the new building. Every detail is intended to orient the students not just towards learning, but to the city, its history and beyond.

Reflective glass louvers provides two functions: allow cinematic views to the gardens and at the same time protecting some privacy from the street. Main body of the library comprises a series of giant steel framed windows of varying shapes with a series of overlaid patterns to glass within. The patterning alludes to the random ashlar block work of the buildings on site. From the inside, the various windows frame serves a different views to the greenery garden beyond.

Main book collections in the library are stored in the book stack pavilion which is clad in a burnished brick with its own bond. The bond includes several vertical bricks stacked on end and the main wall folds back to highlight these book-like bricks set into the surface.

Sources of photo and information all from various websites and flickr profiles.

fixie + food.

hello, its been a while since my last post. The weather has been holding out just good enough for the weekend and so much of the outdoor activities have been calling. This weekend was the perfect example of a perfect weekend out, spending some much earnt time off with friends and loved ones.

On Saturday I went to my first ever fixie bike swap run by Deus bikes. The event was in Camperdown at the Deus store. May I say that riding in t
he city on Parramatta road is the bloody scariest thing ever, especially if you don’t have a helmet like me, whose main purpose in refusing one was to look cool and not to ruin ones hair. I don’t think i’ll be attempting another ride out in the main streets of Sydney anytime soon. The Deus bike swap was run in a pretty squishy place for a bike market, but they had some pretty nifty gadgets that have got my fingers twitching to do some modifications to my very own fixed gear bike. I would love new pedals and straps for my fixie and also even new purple coloured rims to go with my awesome purple coloured fixie.

Rick and I only ended up staying at the Deus bike swap for about an hour and then headed towards the Woolloomooloo Festival of wheels. This place was set out so much more better than the Deus one. The store was set in a warehouse in Woolloomooloo, with a workshop in the middle, DJ and food and drinks. The displays were so much more cleaner and crip and looked like it catered to a more high end market. I was able to get some pretty cool photos too.

On Sunday the Sydney Aroma Festival was held out at the Rocks. The festival had vendors for coffee, tea and spices and also had stalls for restaurants to feature a few of their foods from thier menus. It was absolutely manic there. So so so soooooooooooooo many people. It took me a while to find my friends and Rick and I kept getting separated by the mounts of people there. We were able to pick up some awesome flavoured chilli. I was really dissapointed when this tea vendor called Tea Drops didn’t have any more of their honeydew green tea. As anyone can tell you I am obssessed with anything melon flavour related. There was also this really cool concept of flavoured marshmellows. These were marshmellows in flavours such as bailey’s milk liquer and blueberry or lime flavoured masrhmellows. The little coloured cubed squares looked adorable in thier little plastic bag packaging. We ended up leaving at about 2pm only because by this stage, the crowds were getting way too out of hand and it was just getting massively packed where we couldn’t even move around.

So there is my awesome weekend everyone, and hope that all yours were as enjoyable.
I go back to uni this week and that means you will be seeing a more architecturally focused blog. I’d also like to do some outfit posts and I’ve had a lookbook account for ages and am now dying to use it.

See you all soon. x

ps. my much awaited vivienne westwood armour ring came in the mail last week and I have been wearing it to death all weekend!


I think it is safe to say that I am quiet new at this whole blogging concept.My only contact with the blogging medium was about 2 years ago as a connection for my architectural uni lecturers to mark my assessments. As of late I have been reading plenty of blogs that have been inspiring me to start my own blog based on my own interests and passions. I can see countless nights of reading other blogs and reading, writing, editing and re-editing my own words that will go onto the pages of devious-studios.

So hello…and welcome to the world of devious-studios 🙂