my blogging hiatus.

I’m constantly finding myself saying “hey there blogosphere, its been a while…”

Life got busy in 2015 and at some points I found myself in situations where I didn’t so much care to document every single moment of what I was experiencing,and going through countless hours of choosing photos and post editing them. I just wanted to be in the moment and experience without a care in the world what was there, although doesn’t mean I didn’t (thinking about a short/long photo diary as a recap on some of the more significant events in 2015).

I must say, 2015 for me was a fun but also a very challenging year, I met a lot of inspiring people, went to a lot of new places, left the blog unattended to but grew my other social channels especially Instagram, in which I’ve been able to meet a lot of individuals who in some ways, inspired or had an effect on my outlook on life.

This year, I’ve learned to balance more life with work and with some epic trip planned and some worthy collaborations happening, I’m hoping I will find the time to update the blog half as much as I do with Instagram and share with you (for those who are interested) what I get up to this year.

I’ll strive to provide posts and content thats worthy of a read and if not, keep up with my own goal of documenting travels and life for my very own memories and my future self to reflect on.




dismantle, repair.

Sometimes the best creative executions comes from boozed discussions at night with some of your closest friends. Having said that, they also stem from days of extreme boredom, with this shoot as an end result. Holed up in our hotel room, dressed to impress with nowhere to go, after what can only be described as the “Chinese Wedding Experience” with some of the nicest down to earth people I have met. Hoping you all like these images as much as I do, stepping a bit out of the comfort zone, with the “try to look sexy” kind feel with the title of this post, a tribute to one of my favourite bands: Anberlin who I will be seeing live for the last time EVER this year.

crosbyst07 crosbyst06 crosbyst01 crosbyst02crosbyst03 crosbyst04 crosbyst05

Dress: CUE Clothing // Earrings: Chanel // Ring: YSL 

Photos by Mandy


saint sophia cathedral.

st_sophia_harbin06 st_sophia_harbin02 st_sophia_harbin07 st_sophia_harbin08 st_sophia_harbin10 st_sophia_harbin09 st_sophia_harbin01 st_sophia_harbin04 st_sophia_harbin05

Photos by Me (edit using VSCO)

Caught a beautiful glow through the windows of the Saint Sophia Cathedral on our brief visit to this landmark. The interior was deteriorating with paint stripping and mould eating away at the wall paper. Water stains could be seen on the roof from where the water had leaked in during storms, yet this Saint Sophia Cathedral somehow has a beautiful nostalgic charm leaving one to wonder what it could have been like in it’s heyday.