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my blogging hiatus.

I’m constantly finding myself saying “hey there blogosphere, its been a while…”

Life got busy in 2015 and at some points I found myself in situations where I didn’t so much care to document every single moment of what I was experiencing,and going through countless hours of choosing photos and post editing them. I just wanted to be in the moment and experience without a care in the world what was there, although doesn’t mean I didn’t (thinking about a short/long photo diary as a recap on some of the more significant events in 2015).

I must say, 2015 for me was a fun but also a very challenging year, I met a lot of inspiring people, went to a lot of new places, left the blog unattended to but grew my other social channels especially Instagram, in which I’ve been able to meet a lot of individuals who in some ways, inspired or had an effect on my outlook on life.

This year, I’ve learned to balance more life with work and with some epic trip planned and some worthy collaborations happening, I’m hoping I will find the time to update the blog half as much as I do with Instagram and share with you (for those who are interested) what I get up to this year.

I’ll strive to provide posts and content thats worthy of a read and if not, keep up with my own goal of documenting travels and life for my very own memories and my future self to reflect on.




hong kong pickups.

Olympus 17mm f/1.8 Prime Lens // Tom Ford Rouge Fatal Lipstick // MAC Russian Red Matte Lipstick // Tom Ford Shanghai Lily Fragrance

I was in Hong Kong for a quick business trip last week and meet up with a friend who I’d haven’t seen for two long years. Hong Kong is the cosmetic capital for me, so whenever I’m there, I always tend to stock up on makeup and fragrances etc.

This time around, I picked up a new Tom Ford Shanghai Lily fragrance. Ever since getting the Noir de Noir for Christmas last year, I have been completely hooked on his Private Blends Collection. Since everyone has also been raving about the lippy too, I picked up the limited edition in Rouge Fatal. I also refilled on my favourite MAC Russian Red lippy and bought a new lens for my Olympus camera, ready for some epic adventures with Mandy in Harbin this weekend.

Work has been slowing down lately, so I have been using this spare time to clean out my hard drive and finding unpublished images from last year, which will hopefully make an appearance on the blog soon.

In the mean time, happy hump day lovers!





life in shanghai.


It’s been just a little over two months since I moved to Shanghai. Having been thrown immediately in the deep end, entailing excessive amount of travel, covering seven different cities in between arrival and now, I think I can finally say, I have now finally started to settle in.

A quick round up of the “best of moments” so far here in Shanghai:

– Spent an amazing NYE with friends from home, who just happened to be holidaying in Shanghai.
– I’ve managed to move offices into a district closer to the family apartment, and with this move, comes potential new friends.
– I’ve rediscovered old friendships with an old uni friend whom I lost touch with over the last few years and discovered she had moved to Shanghai and now the proud owner of a sustainable design boutique featuring handmade and designed furnishings. Check out her cute Etsy store FormMaker.
– I have joined a new and exciting yoga studio, with a interior design to rival that of a day spa, and offers various styles of yoga classes (even ones suspended from ropes in the ceiling) with a great international community of members.
– On the work side, I’ve finished and handed over two stores for an international luxury fashion boutique.
– Gone travelling to the state/or city (not sure which it is) and saw some of the most amazing sights nature has to offer.
– Rediscovering old family ties and understanding family histories and with that came new appreciation of how hard my parents have worked in the last couple of years to get to where we are now.

It’s all been a big change, and settling in has been harder than I expected, but since moving here, personally, has been made me realise that I have taken a lot of things in life I had previously took for granted.

So without further ado, here’s an Instagram round up on all the above so mentioned happenings with a little previews on my upcoming travel diaries of Chengdu and Jiu Zhai Gou.


the next phase.

long weekend 12 (1 of 1)

I haven’t been blogging for a while and there has been pretty valid reasons as to why I haven’t.

Some of you may have already noticed and or been redirected from my old Blogspot to the new and improved “devious-studios” dot com website. There is still a bit of tweaking to do on my mobile ready site, but I have decided to launch the site early as I have a lot of announcements to make.

December 18th is a day of big change!

Firstly I turned 26 years young, another year older and hopefully wiser, celebrating this day with my closets friends. Secondly, today has also doubled up as a farewell as I will be moving to Shanghai to take over the family business as of next week! This decision hasn’t been made with a light heartedly. I will be leaving behind the home I’ve grown up in for so many years, the lifestyle, the beach and sun, my job which has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing and inspiring people and experience some amazing places, my apartment, my two gorgeous dogs, mum and younger sister and finally but not lastly, my love. I’m SHIT scared and nervous of what is to come ahead, but after many D&Ms with collegues, friends and family the more I am reassured this will be a great opportunity and a completely EPIC new adventure.

So bring on the new year of 2014 in which will be an epic year full of challenges which will open doors to MANY opportunities to come!