san francisco photo journal.

Fact: a friend told us that he knew we were not from SF as we abbreviated and said San Fran, apparently locals never say SF or San Fran.

Annoyed at myself for still trying to figure out how to use my Leica Q at this stage and accidentally shooting most of this trip in JPEG – making it for bad post editing situation. That said, a few snaps from my trip in SF.

1. and 2. The beautiful architecture of the Mission District and distinct housing styles of SF.
3. Brewery hopping in SF.
4. Everlane – Ethical clothing company. Some girls who worked for Everlane randomly gave us a hot pink beanie on the streets – which later became Jen’s standout look in Iceland.
5. Mission Workshop – Cool shop in the Mission District selling gear and clothing for riders.
6. Looking up at De Young – Herzog & de Meuron Architects.
7. The view from de Young Museum tower looking out to SF Art and Science Museum.
8. Outside de Young – going to see the Frank Stella exhibition.
9. Obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shot of Jai.
10. In and Out Burger, since we missed out in LA.
11. SFMoMa with Pei, shot of the atrium.
12. One of the most amazing exhibitions I’ve seen, Tomas Saraceno – Cloud Cities.
Shot on Lecia and Olympus