hawaii photo journal.

Hawaii has been a place I’ve been dreaming about for years – lured by the temptation of adventure and the salty sea. Being the first leg of our trip, I was bursting at the seams with excitement with a jam-packed itinerary of hiking through the lush green craters and swimming in the deep blue seas.

Some major highlights of the trip was being able to swim in open water with sharks, seeing Big Island by air, having the most authentic and delicious Polynesian food at Helena’s (almost having our hire car broken into and belongs stolen), hiking on amazing crater trails in Oahu and finally experiencing all these with Jai on our first overseas trip together.


1. Getting ready to swim with sharks in open water with the Mo’o.
2.  Swimming in the ocean with sharks, one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had the opportunity to have. If you guys are in Hale’iwa on the North Shore of Oahu, make sure you visit the guys at Island View for this tour.
3. Shark Cove
4. The view from Diamond Head Crater.
5. Koko Head Track and the view from the top!
6. Our ride for the day with the guys at Paradise Helicopters.
7. I have a thing for clouds.
8. Fog, agriculture, and ocean all in one view from the Helicopter.
9. Lava flowing from the lava tubes on Big Island and into the ocean.
10. An epic burst of sunlight bursting out of the clouds.
10. Hawaiian Coastline.
11. #chasingfog
12. When you get picked to be in the co-pilot seat on our heli ride!
13. Heading up to 14000ft. and crazy lens flare from the sun.
14. From sweating bullets at sea level to freezing our fingers off at the summit of Mauna Kea.
15. Life on Mars – or another planet for that matter.
16. Last day in Hawaii was spent on the North Shore at the infamous Turtle Bay, enjoying golf on the clean cut lawns and watching the legendary surf.
Shot on Lecia, Olympus and GoPro

iceland photo journal.

Last year was no doubt one of the worst years I’ve experienced so far, but with it also came one of the best years I could have asked for. Being thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainties and self-realisations, I made the decision and a promise to myself to travel more and document more.

So, came a whirlwind five-week trip across four American cities (more photos from that later) and then there was Iceland.

The landscape of Iceland was like stepping into another planet. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place; below I hope that my photos captured some of the beauty that I was lucky enough to witness with my own eyes.

1. and 2. Blue Lagoon
4. 5. Gullfoss
6. Kerio Crater
7. Skogafoss
8. Black Sand Beach in Vik
9. and 10. Jokusarlon
11. Ice Caving near Jokusarlon
12. Seljalandsfoss
13. and 14. Solheimasandur
15. Chasing and finding the Northern Lights on our way back to Reykjavik
Shot on Leica Q and Olympus OMD EM-5


Before I left for Patagonia, I did a test shoot working with Christine Ai from Cai-Photo. We already have another collaboration in mind and I’m looking forward to creating more content with her talented eye for fashion photography.064A4915 copy064A4997 copy 064A4982 copy064A5070 copy devious studios

Top: Eight Slate  // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Aquazzura // Bag: Louis Vuitton


my blogging hiatus.

I’m constantly finding myself saying “hey there blogosphere, its been a while…”

Life got busy in 2015 and at some points I found myself in situations where I didn’t so much care to document every single moment of what I was experiencing,and going through countless hours of choosing photos and post editing them. I just wanted to be in the moment and experience without a care in the world what was there, although doesn’t mean I didn’t (thinking about a short/long photo diary as a recap on some of the more significant events in 2015).

I must say, 2015 for me was a fun but also a very challenging year, I met a lot of inspiring people, went to a lot of new places, left the blog unattended to but grew my other social channels especially Instagram, in which I’ve been able to meet a lot of individuals who in some ways, inspired or had an effect on my outlook on life.

This year, I’ve learned to balance more life with work and with some epic trip planned and some worthy collaborations happening, I’m hoping I will find the time to update the blog half as much as I do with Instagram and share with you (for those who are interested) what I get up to this year.

I’ll strive to provide posts and content thats worthy of a read and if not, keep up with my own goal of documenting travels and life for my very own memories and my future self to reflect on.